Affordable Self-Care Act: How To Use A Payday Loan To Take A Mental Health Day

If you work daily but you have been going through a hard time mentally, you may feel like you need to take a day off of work. If this is a financial hardship for you due to your schedule, taking a personal day or two may seem impossible. One way that you can take a mental health day or two and make it work for you is to take out a payday loan. Here is how you can take a personal day off of work and still make it work for your budget. 

Take out a small payday loan

One of the best things about a payday loan, rather than a personal loan from a bank, is that the amount of the payday loan can be much lower. While some banks will not open up a loan that is below $1000, payday loans can offer as little as one to two hundred dollars. A small payday loan means paying less in interest, which will not be as big of a strain on your finances when payday comes. For more information, contact professionals like Payday Express.

Go to see a therapist

Being able to take a personal day and a payday loan means that you have the time and money to see a therapist. If you are worried about your mental well-being, seeing a therapist is one of the best things that you can do. A number of people will offer sliding scales for services or a cash discount, which makes the payday loan a valuable tool. Make an appointment with a therapist as soon as you schedule your mental health day. 

Pick up any prescription

If there are lingering mental health issues, your psychiatrist may be interested in prescribing you some medication. Pick up the medication on the same day so that you can start a regimen for better mental health. You psychiatrist may also request that you start out a lifestyle of getting several small breaks during your work schedule. 

Stagger your working schedule

If mental wellness means that you need to have a little time for yourself, talk to your managers or workplace about having another day off during the week. If there is a specific amount of hours that you must work during the week, consider working longer hours per day to get more days off. For instance, if you have to work 40 hours per week, consider working four 10 hour days, and having 3 days off for resting and working on your self-care. 

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