Answering Three Questions Concerning Counterfeit Currency

It can be easy to overlook the various tasks that you will have to do to run your enterprise. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that will attempt to pass counterfeit money, and it will be your responsibility to attempt to thwart them. To this end, counterfeit pens can be an excellent defensive measure as they will allow you to quickly determine whether or not a bill is authentic. However, if you have limited experience with this aspect of running an enterprise, you may want to have a few commonly asked questions about counterfeit detection addressed.

How Does A Counterfeit Pen Work?

The ink from a counterfeit pen is designed to react to wood-based paper. When the ink comes into contact with paper, it will leave a noticeable black stain on it. In contrast, authentic currency contains a very small amount of wood-based paper. Rather, currency is made from a special material that combines cloth and paper to give money its distinctive feel. As a result, these pens will not interact with the currency. Rather, they will leave a light yellow mark that will rapidly fade from view.

What Should You Do If You Receive A Counterfeit Note?

In the event that you are handed a counterfeit note, it is important to understand the appropriate steps that you should take. Typically, you should refuse to return the note to the customer as it will need to be given to the appropriate authorities. You will typically want to contact the police to report the incident and give them the counterfeit bill. The local police will have limited jurisdictions to investigate counterfeiting as this is the role of the Secret Service. However, they can ensure that the counterfeit and the incident report reach the nearest secret service office. In the event that the police are unavailable for this task, you should turn the note into your bank as they will be able to ensure it is delivered to the Secret Service.

How Should You Store These Pens?

Unfortunately, counterfeit pens can be rather expensive, and this makes it essential for you to properly store these tools. In particular, you will want to make sure that you always keep the cap on the pens when they are not in use, store them out of direct sunlight and in a cool area. If you have employees, you will need to train them on these steps and track how often they need replacements. These simple steps should help you to dramatically extend the life of your counterfeit detection pens.

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