Bail Bonding: Don't Overlook These Issues

Worry, surprise and a cascade of other negative emotions may wash over your body when you receive a call about a relative's confrontation with police and subsequent arrest. In sheer panic mode, frantic calls to professionals in bail bonding work is typical. Information may be given and heard, but be sure that your mind is grasping these particular bond issues.

1-Rejection Happens

Most TV shows involving the law and crime have people believing that bail is a simple formality. One phone call, however, won't automatically release your relative. Not only must a bonding company examine your assets and collateral to see if they're appropriate for a bond, they'll also look over the relative's arrest record and current case. They reject multiple defendants throughout the year because of a failure to meet their risk threshold. Multiple phone calls and visits to different bonding agencies might be called for. If you're rejected, ensure you understand their reasoning. Adjustments or changes to collateral or the relative applying for the bond could be done to increase approval chances.

2-Release Delays aren't Unusual

You could think that your relative's release will happen as soon as you sign things at the bail bonding office. However, a bondsman is not being fully truthful if they guarantee or hint at a release within minutes. A true professional will explain that facilities aren't in sync with their bonding office; the bondsman can submit all required papers and your relative might still remain. Various factors--including document review and processing hours--affect release and patience is essential for your relative and everyone else.

3-Rules are Helpful

Thoughts of your relative sleeping in a cold cell or walking dangerous hallways could be motoring your actions. However, before going through with this, talking to the relative is key. For one thing, you must better gauge whether you believe in their innocence, which could affect your willingness to become involved with bail.

In addition, even if you fully support them and their innocence, setting rules about post-bail release is vital. Your collateral and finances will be at risk. Therefore, it's reasonable to ask that your relative doesn't socialize with troublemakers or engage in actions that could encourage them to leave town. 

Bail bonds are valuable to a defendant and their family. If you hope to arrange a bond, take deep breaths, consider these bond issues and be measured in your response and actions. Professionals' advice should also be taken both before and after conditions are set. Contact a service, like Richard Cloud Bail Bonding, for more help.

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