Planning An Estate Sale? Follow These Tips For Organizing It

Have you been put up to the task of planning an estate sale? This is a lot more work than a typical garage sale since everything in the home will be put up for sale as people walk through the home. Here are some tips for organizing your upcoming estate sale. 

Put Items Not For Sale In A Locked Room

There will be some things that are definitely not for sale during your estate sale. You'll want to collect all of these items and put them in a locked room. It will help to clear out a single bedroom and put a lock g door handle on the door. This will prevent people from accidentally taking one of those items or constantly asking about how much they cost. 

Research Valuable Items

There will be some things in the home that have some value to them. It is a good idea to research these items in advance so that they have accurate pricing. For example, you may have a new big-screen TV that has significant value, and you'll want to verify how much a used version is selling for today. Consider looking items up on an online auction site to see what they have recently sold for. 

Create Clear Pricing

It will help to have everything marked with clear pricing that the buyers can see. If you do not do this, you'll waste time during the sale by constantly answering questions about how much items cost. Other people may be put off to buying things if there are not clear prices. It also makes it possible to give a flat percentage off items as the estate sale approaches the end. 

Set Up Sales Tables Near Entrances

You'll want to set up tables near the entrances to the house. This creates an obvious location where people can purchase items, and have a set of eyes on all items that are leaving the home. It will help prevent anyone from trying to steal things without you knowing. 

Hire Professional Help

Know that you can always hire a company to plan the estate sale for you. They will take care of advertising, pricing, and selling items in exchange for taking a small percentage of the sales. It can be a great way to plan the sale if you do not have the time since they have the experience to do it correctly.

You can reach out to an estate sale organizer like Remember When Estate Sales, LLC near you for more information.

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