How Community Banks Should Work With Bankers' Banks

If you manage a local bank, you may eventually reach a point when you need additional services from a bankers' bank. As long as you follow these guidelines when working with one, your community bank will continue to benefit from this relationship.

Find An Optimal Match In The Beginning

There are several bankers' banks that your community bank has the ability to work with. However, you need to figure out which one makes sense to work with for the foreseeable future so that you truly benefit from the experiences and services that come with them. You can start by seeing what particular services bankers' banks offer, whether it's commercial banking or residential mortgage solutions. If you find a bank with a lot of relevant services, you can feel good about partnering up with them. Also, focus on the experience. The more years a bankers' bank has been in existence, the smoother this relationship will probably go. 

Continue Gathering Input From Customers

One of the most important parties to consider when working with a bankers' bank is your customer base. They will be directly impacted by this relationship because the financial institution you end up partnering with will affect the financial services they have access to. As a result, you need to continue to evaluate their feedback over time. Do they like the new services your bank was able to roll out because of this partnership with a bankers' bank? If so, then you won't have to make any adjustments. Whereas if improvements can be made, your customers will let you know, and then you can respond accordingly.

Make Sure Employees Comply With New Regulations 

When you start rolling out new services because of your partnership with a bankers' bank, they'll probably want you to act in accordance with certain regulations. It's important that all of your bank employees know about these rules and follow them to the letter. Then you won't have any internal conflicts when offering new services that a bankers' bank is responsible for. That's going to help your community bank make this transition in a much smoother fashion. 

Community banks have the right to partner up with bankers' banks when they feel like they need to offer more services to their customer base. If your local bank plans to do this, it helps to be prepared for this relationship as early as possible. Then you'll know how to act and respond once this partnership is official. 

For more information, contact a bankers' bank.

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